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Why clean your vents?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that roughly 92% of appliance fires are caused by Dryers. Of that 92%, over one-third were caused simply due to the failure of cleaning the dryer and its vent. Often times, when a dryer vent is inadequately cleaned, it reduces the dryer's ability to flush lint out of the drum, through the lint trap, and out through the dryer vent. Build up of lint will then occur in places it shouldn't, and soon becomes a liability to ignite a fire while the dryer is running. 

Dryer fires result in annual losses estimated at close to 15 deaths, and over $230 Million in property damage!

Protect your family, and your neighbors, by getting your dryer vent cleaned and encouraging them to do the same!

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Cleaning your Dryer Vents...

  • Protects personal property

    • Damages from dryer vents fire accumulate to upwards of $230 Million in property damage​

  • Saves on energy costs in your home due to increased operating efficiency from the appliance​

    • It takes less energy to blow hot air through clean dryer vents than blocked vents​

  • Saves Lives

    • Perhaps the most important fact, cleaning dryer vents, prevents fires, and preventing fires saves lives​

We are the best choice for Dryer Vent Cleaning.

The Big 4

Property Protection

It is well documented that lint can cause a fire.


Built up lint deposits in a dryer vent account for 80% of the 15,000 structural fires that occur each year. That fire damage extends beyond your dryer, into your home, damaging large amounts of dwelling.

Additional issues that can be caused by a dirty dryer vent include carbon monoxide backup, mold, pest infestation through an open dryer trap, and many more!



Tired of your energy bill being more than you think it should be?


Did you know the culprit is often times a clogged dryer vent. Clogged dryer vents decrease clothes dryer efficiency, forcing the appliance to take up more energy, which in turn will result in higher energy costs to the home.

You can reduce energy expenses simply by cleaning your dryer vent, and allowing this major appliance to operate as efficiently as possible.



It is not just fires that result from clogged dryer vents. 

If a dryer is unable to efficiently route the hot air and energy run off from the dryer cycle, it can result in dangerous carbon monoxide fumes being routed back into the home rather than outside. On top of this, mold may become trapped from the warm moisture resulting from the cycle. That mold can begin in a dryer vent, and quickly find itself extending to other interior portions of the home. Mold remediation is not cheap!



Appliance repair is a headache in itself, let alone the total replacement of a clothes dryer. 

By reducing the air flow out of a dryer, the clothes will not dry effectively, causing a person to run another dry cycle. It goes without saying that the more cycles that are ran through an appliance, the closer it gets to the end of its service life. 

If you're clothes are hot to the touch when you take them out, that actually means that the dryer was not routing hot air efficiently through the lint trap and out of the house. 

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