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It's simple; we know that if we effectively clean enough dryer vents, we inevitably prevent a home fire, which in turn prevents property damage, ensures the safety of our neighbors, and adds value to our communities. For us, it is a numbers game, and by cleaning the dryer vents in our communities, we are playing an integral role in the overall well-being of the areas we service.

Our mission is to ensure the safety and well-being of our communities through routine dryer vent cleaning and maintenance. Our mission extends directly into the fire prevention of our neighbors' homes through dryer vent cleaning. We believe we can make a positive impact on the community, by preventing house fires, through routine upkeep of dryer vents.


To put it simply, prevent a fire, clean your dryer! 

Our founding philosophy is centered around the customer experience, and ultimately showing care for those who choose to use as their primary and premier dryer vent cleaning company! 

We SHOW CARE for our customers

  • Safety and well-being first and foremost

  • Honest and ethical operating standards

  • Organized, professional, and clean

  • Work with focus and diligence

  • Care for the community and our neighbors

  • Accept accountability for our role in neighborhood safety

  • Respond with reliability and responsibility

  • Execute for our customers and community

Image by Jimmy Dean

The TDVCC Advantage

Clean Neighborhood

Up to 12 Months Guarantee on Work for both Residential and Commercial

Experience our Customer Service for yourself, book today.

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