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The Premier Partner of Commercial Property Owners, Property Managers, Real Estate Brokerages, and HOAs

We have the know-how you need.


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We are the first choice when it comes to cleaning commercial properties, because our methods are non-invasive. We do not need to coordinate with tenants, we do not interrupt your daily operations, and we can be in and out of a project with tremendous efficiency. We pride ourselves on making the entire process easy for everyone.

Noticeable Difference

If the clothes aren't getting dry the first cycle, there is a good chance a dirty dryer vent is the culprit. The multi-family apartments we have cleaned, have seen a noticeable decrease in tenant complaints relating to their dryers. Less complaints about dryers means more time to focus on the important issues at your properties.

Guaranteed Work

We believe in our service so much, that we guarantee satisfactory results and clean dryer vents for a 12 month period following our initial service. If there seems to be a dryer that continues to cause problems, we come back and clean it at no charge. 


We use the most advanced Dryer Vent Cleaning method on the market.


This method allows us to clean dryer vents at least 50x faster than your maintenance team.


Our speed and efficiency means that it is cheaper across scale than an in-house team.


WE DON'T HAVE TO ENTER ANY UNITS! This means no scheduling hassle with the large handfuls of tenants under your management.


We increase the life-span of the dryers, reducing costly capital expenditures to replace appliances at scale.


Increased air-flow from the dryer vents results in preservation and reduction of overall energy costs.


We prevent fires and protect the property as a whole!

We offer a 12-month guarantee on commercial work.


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Sioux Falls SD 57109


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